How does Wewell
benefit fans?


Wewell brings all people who wants to live healthier together and closer to their favourite coaches and nutritionists. Wewell is also giving on-demand access to discover new workouts, fitness trends and food recipes from our massive video catalog which is growing every day.


We offer not only access to our digital content, but also the ability to participate as a community member by allowing you to follow your favourite coaches and nutritionists, communicate with them, leave your comment and rating


For one price you can access all of our videos on any device 24/7. Get a Family plan and create separate profiles for your family members.

We also provide an ultimate progress tracking dashboard which will motivate you and at the same time give you an under- standing where you are at the moment on your path to your goal.

Wewell programs

Our platform is divided into 3 segments where you fill find videos with Fitness,
Food and Mental content.

Train. Eat. Live.


20K videos


20K videos


20K videos

How does Wewell benefit coaches and nutritionists?

Wewell believes in the value of Health & Fitness and the contributions of all coaches and nutritionists. We provide the highest compensation to all of them and are consistent in our approach regardless of whether a coach or nutritionist is a celebrity or yet unknown person. Wewell pays everyone equally.

70%of your money goes only to the creators of the content you watch


30%of your money goes to keep Wewell platform up and running

Why Wewell
was founded?


Wewell was founded with the mission of bringing millions of people and pro-coaches, nutritionists closer together and creating a sustainable industry model that values fitness, healthy food, mental health and professionals who are creating such video content.